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Product/service: Custom Stable Cell Lines 
Brand: ASCTM 
Size: 1 vial 
Unit Price:   Inquiry 
Minimum quantity: 1 (unit: vial)   
Supply ability:
Delievery time: Within 30 days upon receipt of payment
Valid through: Not expired
Last update on: 2020-06-07
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Company details
  • AcceGen Biotech
  • ContactSophia Leighton   
  •    Not registered
  • email  
  • Tel  +1-862-686-2696
  • Location  USA
  • Address  277 Fairfield Road
Product details

AcceGen Biotech has developed the proprietary ASCTM Stable Cell Line Services for research application. We have access to a range of technologies and an expert team experienced at working with a variety of cell lines, including adherent and suspension cells. AcceGen Biotech provides one stop solution to all your gene editing services to engineer target cell lines for knockout, knockin, knockdown, reporter and overexpression. With our custom service, you can get our high-quality customer service experience with high success rates, frequent communication, and fast, reliable timelines. Stable cell line is an important research tool for pharmaceutical drug discovery, compound screening and gene therapy research.

Stable Cell Line Service Includes:   

  •        ✔ CRISPR Knockout Cell Lines
  •        ✔ Knockdown Cell Lines
  •        ✔ Knockin Cell Lines
  •        ✔ Overexpression Cell Lines
  •        ✔ Reporter cell lines (luciferase, GFP, RFP, YFP)

Key Features:

       ▶  One-stop-solution
       ▶  Fast turnaround time and end-to-end services
       ▶  High quality and proprietary technologies
       ▶  Professional technical support
       ▶  Cost-effective

How It Works

Step 1. Contact the customer service for a quote by emailing

Step 2. Send us the parent host cell lines (optional).

Step 3. Receive your stable cell line (The turnaround time depends on the project).

Supporting Data

Successful generation of a KO cell Line



AcceGen Biotech has unique experience with more than 200 cancer cell lines, highly efficient gene delivery technologies, as well as the research expertise to produce stably expressing clone cells.  We recognize that providing fast delivery of products and services is critical to expediting research. We are committed to meeting your timely needs while maintaining high quality and integrity.


AcceGen’s Transfected Stable Cell Line Database has already contained over 40,000 Reporter Cell LinesKnockdown Cell LinesKnockout Cell LinesKnockin Cell LinesOverexpression Cell Lines and Knockout Cell Lysate for worldwide cell research.
However, if you can’t find the needed stable cell line in our catalog, please send us the details of your project to or call 1-862-686-2696, we will be glad to provide the custom cell line information and price quotation within 24h.


AcceGen Ready-to-shipping Stable Cell Lines:
✔ CRISPR Knockout Cell Lines
Human FAM216A Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human ERP44 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human F2 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human ELANE Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human DPRX Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human DFFA Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human CXXC1 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human CS Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human COMP Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human CEL Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human C1orf50 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human BTK Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human BAD Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human ARSE Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human ACACA Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human ZNF680 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human WDR20 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human UNG Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human TSR1 Knockout Stable Cell Line | Human TMEM33 Knockout Stable Cell Line...

Human C2CD4A Over-expressing Stable Cell LineHuman NANOS2 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line Human CPM Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human PPP2R5E Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human ZNF143 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human STK10 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human GAS1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human VPS36 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human NES Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human FGF5 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human ABCB7 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human ANGEL1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human SOX10 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human GLB1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human HLA-DMA Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human POLR2M Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human HECA Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human OR7A5 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human GPI Over-expressing Stable Cell Line | Human FRMD3 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line...
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