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Product/service: phosphorylation identification 
Brand: MtoZ Biolabs 
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Last update on: 2019-03-17
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  • MtoZ Biolabs
  • ContactPrime Jones   
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  • Location  USA
  • Address  210 Broadway #201
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Phosphorylation is one of the most important PTMs in cellular activities. It is a reversible process, regulated by various kinases and phosphatases respectively. Important as it is, phosphorylation takes part in regulating nearly all the cellular activities, including cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, etc. 
As most phosphoproteins are present in low abundance, and have wide dynamic range, enrichment procedures before mass spectrometry analysis are usually necessary for detecting phorsphoproteins. MtoZ Biolabs provides various enrichment methods, according to specific experimental objectives. TiO2 and IMAC enrichment can be employed for enriching the total phosphorylation proteome, and phosphor-Ser/Thr or phospho-Tyrosine antibodies can be applied to analyze specific targeted phosphoproteome. 
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