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Product/service: D+Trehalose 
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D+Trehalose used in Medical Industry

. Trehalose has been successfully applied to blood products such as vaccine, lymphocyte and other cytokines to stabilize their activities. Trehalose can not only be conserved at an ambient temperature, but also prevent some vital disease such as hepatitis B and AIDS caused by contaminated blood resource from transforming.

.Quadrant Research Fund Association, England, found that vaccines and other temperature-vulnerable biologicals which usually require cold storage at 4 ℃ is stable at 45℃ after mixture with trehalose. Thus, the cost of storage and transportation will be greatly decreased while maintaining high potential of vaccine undergoing a far distance transportation.

.In California, America, John Calau and his collegues has successfully applied trehalose to preserve blood platelet by dehydrating cells and hyophilization, and the platelet can be preserved for a long time at an ambient temperature and showed survival percentage of 85%.

. Trehalose can be used to keep biological agents such as enzyme, cell membrane, organelle, antibody and virus, and make life-science research more convenient, rapid and effective. Research on the protective function of trehalose on restriction enzyme, DNA ligase and DNA polymerase has been carried out, and results showed that all enzyme samples with addition of trehalose, kept 35 days at 70℃ or 9 months at 37℃, maintained nearly 100% of their original activities. The Chinese scientists tested three diagnostic enzymes which were prepared with trehalose as disccant to assay human serum cholesterol, and found that trehalose could keep 90% of their activity after long-term storage at an ambient temperature.

. Using trehalose as lyophilization protectant can efficiently retain activity of vaccine for domestic animals and poultry and virus-vaccine for man, for example, attenuated hepatitis A virus vaccine, epidemic encephalitis B vaccine. And the inoculated efficiency of vaccine can be kept without low temperature storage and freezing transportation.

. Bifidobacteria is used to improve human micro-ecological equilibrium in intestines. And bifidobacterial agents has became a powerful weapon to prevent and cure diseases in Europe, America and Japan. In China, bifidobacteria has also been used in pharmaceutical industry. The challeng has been the vulnerability of bifidobacteria to the external conditions and hence the shelf life of products. Defatted milk has been used as lyophile protective agent before but the bacteria living ratio soon decreased. Research has indicated that trehalose can keep the activity of lyophilized bifidobacteria in a long time at room temperature and then sustain the quality of living bacteria agent.

. Applied example

Example 1 Solid Preparation for Fluid Food

    270g egg yolk powder, 209g defatted milk, 4.4 g sodium L-ascorbate, 0.6g vitamin-E acetate, 0.04g nicotinic acid amide were completely mixed with 500g anhydrous crystalline trehalose and then injected into small moisture-proof aluminum bag, heated and sealed to obtain the solid pharmaceutical.
    The product has a satisfactory stability for a relatively-long period of time even at an ambient temperature without cold storage because the moisture content in the atmosphere of the bag is decreased. The solubility and despersibility in water are satisfactory. In use, the product can directly dissolved in water into a fluid food which was suitable for oral administration to the body or intubation into the nasal cavity, stomach and intestine.

Example 2 Preparation of Solid Pharmaceutical

    0.2 ml aliquots of the solution containing about 4×106 IU of human interferon-α was injected into 100-ml moisture-proof plastic bottles with 6g aliquots of a pyropen-free anhydrous crystalline trehalose and then cap-seal them to obtain the product. According to the trehalose property, the solution containing human interferon-α is simply dehydrated by powdery anhydrous trehalose, therefore, the human interferon-α is effectively stored stably without lyophilization.
    The product readily dissolves in water, which renders it advantageously useful in an injection for an instillation or an intramusular injection as an agent for anti-susceptive diseases which can be prevented and/or treated with human interferon-α such as an anti-virus agent, anti-tumor agent and agent of anti-rheumatism and can be suitably used as an internal medicine, agent for oral cavity as well as diagnostic reagent.
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