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The significance of various antibodies(I)
Antibody:When the body is stimulated by the antigens,there appears immunoglobulin in bodily fluid. And we call the immunoglobulin antibody.
Immunity:It refers to the function that body can recognize and eliminate foreign materials.The main relationship between immune function and disease:Immune resistance function, Immune surveillance function,Self stabilization function.The above three kinds of functions are the basic guarantee of normal body integrity,any deletion or these functions can cause disease.
SM:It is an abbreviation of a patient’s name, whose serum is first found this kind of antibody.The patient was once diagnosed systemic lupus erythematosus.Anti-SM antibody is specific antibody in diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus.The positive rate was 30%, with auxiliary diagnostic significance, but has nothing to do with the disease activity.
Anti-double DNA antibody:It is also known as natural anti natural DNA antibody.It is a type of anti-nuclear antibodies, which play a role in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus.It is generally believed that the titer of anti-double DNA is parallel with its disease. i.e. disease acts, anti (DNA) antibody titer rise, relieves,reverses.
ANA:It is autoantibody involved in the reaction of nucleus’s composition or nuclear s (DNA).It is  mainly appeared in autoimmune disease like systemic lupus erythematosus,is a main kind of method for the diagnosis of lupus erythematosus, but it occasionally also can be appeared in elder people and after the use of certain drugs.
Anti Rib-P antibody:Anti ribosome-P protein antibody is in is often found in patients with SLE activities.Its positive rate is 10% ~ 20%, is the specific antibody in the diagnosis of SLE.If the SLE patient only has the anti Rib-P positive antibody. ANA is usually negative.Central nervous system disease incidence rate of the patient with Anti Rib-P positive antibody patients is high.Anti Rib-P antibody and anti dsDNA antibody are parallel, but the difference between them is anti Rib-P antibody dose not disappear with the improvement of the disease immediately , will become negative after 1 ~ 2 years.
Anti dsDNA antibodies:Anti dsDNA antibodies are found in patients with SLE disease activity, due to different degrees, and its incidence rate is 60% -90%, with high specificity for the SLE diagnosis.The positive rate of other connective tissue diseases is low (<10%)It is generally considered as the lupus erythematosus overlap syndrome.
RO,SSA antigen:They are the same in immunology, which common antigenic determinant.SSA / RO is a small molecular cytoplasmic ribonucleoprotein (scRNPs), and the compound of RNA protein and small molecules.It is more present in the cytoplasm, the 52KD molecular weight of peptide bands are associated with drying syndrome (SS), while the 60KD molecular weight of peptide bands are more present in SLE patients.Anti SSA antibodies are mainly found in primary Sjogren syndrome, and the positive rate 60% ~ 75%.In addition, the anti SSA antibody is often associated with subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, anti nuclear antibody negative lupus, neonatal lupus (SSA antibody can go through the placenta to get into the fetus causing neonatal lupus syndrome).

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