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Protocols for LCM preparation and analysis (NIH)

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Original protocol from NIH laser capture microdissection core facility. Content: I. Preparation, LCM and RNA/DNA extraction of Frozen Tissue Sections A. Embedding B. Cutting C. Staining II. Preparation and LCM of Paraffin Embedded Tissue Sections A. Fixation B. Processing, Embedding and Tissue Sectioning C. Staining For both I & II Frozen & Paraffin-EmbeddedTissue Sections D. Laser Transfer E. DNA Extraction Protocol of LCM tissue and PCR for DNA analysis F. RNA Extraction Protocol of LCM tissue and RT-PCR for mRNA analysis Standard Protocols for Microdissected Tissue Analysis: RNA Isolation (modified Stratagene Microisolation protocol) DNAse Re-extracton of RNA (same reagents as above) Reverse Transcription (final volume 20 uL) PCR P.A.G.E. *(only if radioactivity is used)
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