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Transfection (Promega)

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Promega's family of transfection reagents are highly efficient, fast, easy-to-use and a tested complement to our reporter systems. Our commitment to your success in transfection and eukaryotic expression studies is reflected in the detail found in this guide, which contains protocols, references and troubleshooting help. (Promega) Table of Contents: 1 Introduction to Transfection Methods (.pdf, 129kb) 2 Preparation for Transfection (.pdf, 192kb) 3 Cationic Lipid Transfection Reagents (.pdf, 222kb) 4 ProFection? Mammalian Transfection Systems (.pdf, 91kb) 5 Troubleshooting Transfection Reactions (.pdf, 66kb) 6 Genetic Reporter Systems (.pdf, 171kb) References (.pdf, 65kb) Appendix (.pdf, 81kb)
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