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Restriction Enzymes Resource (Promega)

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Table of Contents: (Promega) 1. General Information 1.1 History 1.2 Types, Definitions and Genomic Organization 1.3 Restriction Enzyme Structure and Mechanism of Action 1.4 Star Activity 1.5 Site Preferences and Turbo? Restriction Enzymes 1.6 QC Assays and Promega Specifications 2. Applications and Reaction Conditions 2.1 Standard Restriction Enzyme Reactions 2.2 Restriction Enzyme Activity 2.3 Restriction Enzyme Substrate Considerations 2.4 Digestion of High Molecular Weight DNA 2.5 Digestion of Supercoiled Plasmid DNA 2.6 Digestion of Restriction Sites Close to the End of Linear DNA 2.7 Troubleshooting Restriction Enzyme Digestions 3. Reference Information 3.1 Relative Activity of Restriction Enzymes in Promega's 10X Buffers 3.2 Activity of Cloning Enzymes in Buffer H 3.3 Composition of Promega Restriction Enzyme Reaction Buffers (1X) 3.4 Heat Inactivation of Restriction Enzymes 3.5 The Effect of Site-Specific Methylation on Promega Restriction Enzymes 3.6 Methylation Sensitivity of Isoschizomer/Neoschizomer Pairs 3.7 Recognition Sites in Common DNA Substrates 3.8 Multiple Cloning Sites of Promega Vectors 3.9 Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sequences Containing Start and Stop Codons 3.10 IUPAC Ambiguity Codes for Nucleotide Degeneracy 4. Online Searches 4.1 By Enzyme Name 4.2 By Recognition Sequence 4.3 For Generating Compatible Ends 4.4 For Compatible Buffers 5. Glossary
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