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In Vitro Expression (Promgea)

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In Vitro Expression tools are used in functional genomics as a bridge between traditional genomics and proteomics. This comprehensive guide details the technologies and applications associated with in vitro expression. Valuable references and schematics are also included. Table of Contents: 1. Overview of In Vitro Expression (.pdf, 165kb) 2. Protein-Protein Interactions (.pdf, 170kb) 3. Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions (.pdf, 178kb) 4. The Protein Truncation Test (.pdf, 160kb) 5. Screening Applications (.pdf, 248kb) 6. In Vitro Expression Cloning (IVEC)* (.pdf, 161kb) 7. Ribosome Display (.pdf, 163kb) 8. Large-Scale Protein Synthesis (.pdf, 168kb) 9. Post-Translational Modifications (.pdf, 176kb) 10. Protein Function (.pdf, 137kb)
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