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Cloning Enzymes (Promega tech book)

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Cloning Enzymes, one in the Enzyme Resource Guide series, highlights those enzymes important in nucleic acid cloning procedures. Enzymes that modify nucleic acids provide the foundation for many molecular biology techniques: enzymes that are used to synthesize, degrade, join or remove portions of nucleic acids in a controlled and generally defined manner. Specific features of the in vivo functions of these enzymes have been exploited in vitro to provide many of the protocols currently used in nucleic acid manipulations. This guide is available in .pdf. (Promega) Table of Contents: Enzyme Activities Diagram (.pdf, 80kb) ii The Cloning Enzymes (.pdf, 174kb) 1 Gene Cloning (.pdf, 79kb) 5 Ligases (.pdf, 209kb) 8 Kinases and Phosphatases (.pdf, 176kb) 15 RecA Protein and AgarACE? Enzyme (.pdf, 253kb) 21 Technical Appendix (.pdf, 299kb) 33
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