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Estrogen Receptor Binding protocols

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From NIH publication No.03-4504 appendix: Appendix A - Methods for In Vitro ER Binding Assays A1 - Assays Using Rat Uterine Cytosol A2 - Assays Using Mouse Uterine Cytosol A3 - Assays Using Human ERa and ERb A4 - Assays Using Recombinant ERa and ERb A5 - Assays Using Fluorescence Polarization A6 - Assays Using GST-ERdef Constructs A7 - Assays Using MCF-7 Cells and Cytosol Appendix B - In Vitro ER Binding Assay Protocols B1 - Protocol for the Competitive ER binding MCF-7 (Whole Cell Assay) B2 - Protocol for the Fluorescence Polarization Assay of the Competitive Binding of Ligands to Estrogen-Receptor Complexes B3 - Protocol for the Competitive Ligand Binding Assay B4 - Standard Operating Procedure for the Rat Estrogen Receptor Equilibrium Exchange Assay B5 - Protocol for the Estrogen Receptor Competitive Binding Assay Using Rat Uterine Cytosol Appendix C - Chemical and Product Class Information for the Substances Tested in the In Vitro ER Binding Assays Appendix D - Substances Tested in the In Vitro ER Binding Assays D1 - Data Sorted by Substance Name and Assay D2 - References Appendix E - Assay Distribution of Substances Tested in In Vitro ER Binding Assays Appendix F - Median/Single RBA Values for Substances Tested in Two or More In Vitro ER Binding Assays
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