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Non-linear Regression Programs for the Analysis of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data

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Written by David W.A. Bourne, OU College of Pharmacy. ( Content Title Page Preface Chapter I - Background Chapter II - Fitting Algorithms A. Gauss-Newton B. Damping Gauss-Newton C. Modified Marquardt D. Simplex E. Simplex -> Damping Gauss-Newton F. Grid Search Chapter III - Numerical Integration Algorithms A. Classical Fourth Order Runge-Kutta B. Runge-Kutta-Gill C. Fehlberg RKF45 D. Adams Predictor-Corrector E. Gears with PEDERV subroutine F. Gears without PEDERV subroutine Chapter IV - Instructions for MultiForte/Boomer A. Data Entry B. Method of Analysis C. Output Options D. Model Definition - Boomer E. Specifying Parameter Values F. Example Models - Boomer H. Numerical Integration Method I. Numerical Integration - Error Terms J. Fitting Algorithm K. Fitting Criteria L. Data Set Title M. Individual Data Value Entry N. Weighting Scheme O. Constants P.Entry of Parameter Estimates Q. Simulation with Error Input R. AUC, AUMC, MRT S. Plot and Final Result Options T. Notes Chapter V - Output Information Chapter VI - Boomer Tutorial A. Normal Fitting - Two Comparison I.V. Bolus Model B. Bayesian Analysis - I.V. Infusion with kel a Function of Creatinine Clearance C. Working with Batch (.BAT) Files - Simulation D. Simultaneous Fit to I.V. and Oral Data - IRWLS E. Simulation with Error and Monte-Carlo Simulations F. Grid Search Method Chapter VII - Error Messages A. SYSTEM Bombs!! B. FORTRAN Error Messages C. MS FORTRAN Error Messages D. MULTI-FORTE Error Messages E. RKF45 Error Messages F. DIFSUB Error Messages Chapter VIII - Subroutines A. Subroutine CP B. Subroutine MODEL C. Subroutine MODELOUT D. Subroutine PART Chapter IX - Acknowledgments Chapter X - Applications Appendix I - Sample .BAT files
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