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Electron microscopy protocols

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Electron microscopy related protocols by Dr.Christen Harris, Medical College of Georgia. Content: Part A: Tissue Preparation LTP Physiology Protocol Vibroslicer VT 1000S Slice Dissection and Vibratoming in Agarose Stoelting Tissue Chopper Microwave Processing Protocol Schedules: a. Standard Epon b. Epon/Spurrs c. Standard Epon with enhanced ribosomal staining Routine Embedding of Tissue Re-embedding Tissue Tissue Embedding for Photography Tissue Preparation Safety Protocols a. Protocol for Neutralizing the Aldehydes in our Fixative Waste b. Protocol for Disposing of Osmium Tetroxide Contaminated Plastic Containers (solid osmium tetroxide contaminated waste) Part B: Microtomy Glass Knife Making Coating Grids Denton Vacuum Carbon Evaporator Photography of Epon Blocks using the Nikon Light Microscope Hand Trimming Epon Blocks Thick Sectioning Thin Sectioning Monitoring for Radioactivity Staining Grids Uranyl Acetate Recipe Lead Citrate Recipe Serial Sectioning Ridge Pyramid Trimming for Serial Sectioning Loading Serial Sections into Gimbols or Hex Rings Part C: Electron Microscopy Loading/Unloading Hex Rings into Gatan Rotational Holder Loading/Unloading Gatan Rotational Holder into JEOL 2010 Loading/Unloading Gimbols into Rotational Holder Loading/Unloading Rotational Holder into JEOL 1200 EX Alignment Protocol for JEOL 1230 Photographing across the Depth of a Thin Section Photographing Serial Sections Unloading/Loading Film into the Electron Microscope Developing Electron Microscope Film Routine Scanning of EM Negatives Using Microtek Artix Scan 1800f Scanner Scanning EM Negatives Using Polaroid SprintScan 45
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