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Standard Genetic Mapping Protocols

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This is the standard genetic mapping protocol used in mouse mutation resource (MMR) at Jackson Lab. References: Manley KF (1993) A MacIntosh program for storage and analysis of experimental mapping data. Mamm Genome 4: 303-313. Manly KF, Cudmore RH Jr, and Meer JM (2001) Map Manager QTX, cross-platform software for genetic mapping. Mamm Genome12: 930-932. Taylor BA, Navin A, and Phillips SJ (1994) PCR-amplification of simple sequence repeat variants from pooled DNA samples for rapidly mapping new mutations of the mouse. Genomics 21: 626-32. Truett GE, Heeger P, Mynatt RL, Truett AA, Walker JA, and Warman ML(2000) Preparation of PCR-quality mouse genomic DNA with hot sodium hydroxide and Tris (HotSHOT). Biotechniques 29:52-54
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