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Multiplex western blot using quantum dot fluorescence technology

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Multiplex western blot analysis using Qdot technology.
A technique note on multiplex western blot analysis using Qdot fluorescent technology. Nature Methods 2, 79 - 81 (2005) Abstract: Western or immunoblotting analysis of protein expression in cells and tissues has been the major analytical tool for assessing molecular biological functions in basic cell biological research, pathology and drug discovery and development. With the rapid growth of our understanding of gene and protein expression pathways and limited supplies of tissue, there is an ever-increasing need for more sensitive, quantitative methods capable of multiplex detection of proteins or protein states from a single western blot. Quantum Dot Corporation's (QDC) new western blot detection kits harness the high brightness, extreme stability and multiple colors of the Qdot Secondary Antibody Conjugates to quantitatively detect several proteins in a single gel. When used in combination with existing user-defined primary antibodies, the kit combines ease of use with sensitivity to picogram levels of protein using several existing gel imaging systems.
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