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Sequence Type Analysis and Recombinational Tests (START program)

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Written by Keith Jolley Copyright (c) 2000, University of Oxford START (Sequence Type Analysis and Recombinational Tests) is a selection of tools useful in the analysis of MLST data. These tools can be broadly divided into four categories: data summary lineage assignment tests for recombination tests for selection This program may be used and distributed freely but only as part of its original installation package. We would be grateful for any comments, suggestions or bug reports. Reference: Jolley et al (2001) Bioinformatics, 17, 1230-1231. The 32-bit Windows application START is implemented using Visual Basic and C(++) and performs analyses to aid in the investigation of bacterial population structure using multilocus sequence data. These analyses include data summary, lineage assignment, and tests for recombination and selection. AVAILABILITY: START is available at
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