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myNeuroLab neuroscience research instruments

Zoom+  Zoom- Publish date: 2014-06-27   Hits: 241 supplies equipments for neuroscience research. Main category list: Surgical Equipment Stereotaxic Instruments Gas Anesthesia Equipment Drills Ventilators Surgical Monitors Sterilizers ID systems Clippers, Surgical Cautery and electrosurgical gear Sutures and Adhesives Environmental Control Surgical Boards   Animal Function (Pharmacology or Neurology) Analgesia Meters Anxiety and Avoidance Inflammation Motor Function Spatial Behavior Blood Pressure Tactile Sensitivity Convulsive Threshold Animal Metabolism Meters Feeding and Drinking Data Acquisition   Fiber Optic Illumination Value Packages, Complete Systems Illumination Sources Fiber Optic Light Guides & Accessories Animal Handling Equipment Restrainers Containment   Cell/Tissue Support Systems Tissue Slice Innoculating Loops Isolated Organ Bath Synaptosome Superfusion   Histology Equipment Vibratory Microtomes (Vibratome) Cryostats Cryostat Accessories Radial Microtomes Sliding Microtomes Choppers & Dissection Instruments  
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