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Laboratory Equipment and Scientific Instruments vendors list on GlobalSpec

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Comprehensive list of lab instruments manufacturers from Globalspec. The site requires registration for full access of their content. List of categories: (last update 9/30/05) Analytical Instruments (4068 companies) - A wide classification of instruments that are used to analyze material samples, or their components, and record data specific to the application. Chromatography Instruments (617 companies) - Instruments used to separate chemical mixtures, carried by liquids or gases, into components as a result of differential distribution of the solutes as they flow around or over a stationary liquid or solid phase. Clinical and Research Labware (1832 companies) - Any instrument that can be used in a clinical or research laboratory setting for the purpose of processing or analysis. Environmental Instruments (2927 companies) - A wide variety of instruments for measurement and testing of changes in environmental conditions, including radiation (both wavelength and as a hazardous emission), temperature, moisture, dew point, smoke, dust, opacity, light, weather, and water quality. Filtration and Separation Products (1079 companies) - Processing equipment such as centrifuges, clarifiers, and several filter technologies used to filter or separate media of different materials or sizes. Imaging Equipment (761 companies) - Sensors and instruments for capturing images for evaluation and analysis, including images in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths. Dimensional Metrology (794 companies) - Equipment for metrology, inspection and quality control of dimensional features. Lab and Test Equipment (2650 companies) - Instruments used to test, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data in laboratory and other testing situations. Laboratory Air Handling Equipment (151 companies) - Laboratory air handling equipment is used to protect specimens and laboratory staff from contamination. Products include fume hoods, biological safety cabinets and clean benches. Laboratory Safety Equipment (231 companies) - Equipment used in a laboratory setting to protect workers from harmful gases and chemicals. Laboratory Thermal Processing (380 companies) - Autoclaves, furnaces, ovens, heating mantles, hot plates, incubators, refrigerators and freezers and and other equipment for laboratory heating or cooling applications. Labware Consumables (244 companies) - Laboratory supplies that are used in mass quantities and often need replacement; including glassware, chemicals, test kits, etc. Liquid Handling Equipment (258 companies) - Products that are used in the moving, monitoring, sealing, transporting, processing, sensing, and/or controlling of any liquid substance. Microscopes (438 companies) - A microscope is an instrument capable of producing a magnified image of a small object. Recorders and Loggers (1102 companies) - Devices that are used to acquire and retain data (digital or analog) from sensors or other sources. Sample Preparation and Wet Chemical Analysis (610 companies) - Processes and instruments used to prepare and analyze wet chemical samples in a laboratory. Separation Techniques (423 companies) - Products using various methods, including electrophoresis, chromatography and titration, to separate the components of a mixture. Spectrometers and Analytical Photometers (480 companies) - Any instrument used for measuring wavelengths of light spectra, optical or atomic emissions for the analysis of samples. Water Quality Instruments (925 companies) - Instruments and sensors designed to test water for a variety of chemical and biological agents as well as clarity, rate of movement, etc.
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