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Some people can’t digest certain food types.This maldigestion causes inflammation in your gut system and unwanted particles enter your blood stream. Pinnertest is a New Generation lab test, performed on a blood sample. It is the most accurate Food Intolerance test in the world that can detect your exact food intolerances. Pinnertest is a vast improvement over older methods of food intolerance testing. It can identify if your food intolerance is permanent or temporary.
When you order Pinnertest online, within two days, a courier delivers the materials to your mail box. Within a week to ten days, you’ll receive detailed, easy to understand results via email. If you have any food intolerances, you’ll then be informed about which foods you should avoid—listed under their common names and as ingredients in processed foods. Plus, you’ll be given alternatives and substitute foods to try.
Pinnertest makes use of the MicroARRAY – ELISA... [Details]
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