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Is Microfluidic Chip Useful?

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 Protein is the material basis of life, and the analysis on protein structure and function can help to understand the body mechanism under physiological or pathological conditions. Since the 1990s, microfluidic chip technology, as the superiority of proteomics research platform, is able to show increasingly significance in modern scientific research. Lipid analysis for risk assessment in the clinical diagnosis of hyperlipidemia and the prevention of atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease is extremely necessary.
In 1990, Manz and other colleagues first proposed the concept of miniaturized total analysis system, and in 2003 Forbes magazine named microfluidics technology as one of the most important inventions that can affect the future of humanity. Microfluidic technology has developed rapidly, wherein the microfluidic chip technology is seen as an important factor in the forefront of current scientific analysis, such as biology, chemistry, medicine, etc. Microfluidic chip has become a significant platform for new generation cell research. Actually, flexible combination of chip technology enables the possibility of mass integrated cell researches, such as cell culture, sorting, cracking and separation detection. All of these processes can be done on the chip. 
Biomarkers have played an important role in disease diagnosis, therapeutic monitoring and disease efficacy. At present, although the portion of the biological markers have been used in clinical routine testing, only a small percentage to be discovered as biomarkers. In terms of microfluidic chips, sample enrichment efficiency, multi-channel detection, reporting system sensitivity are main three key factors in clinical applications.
Microfluidic chip, with a strong commercial potential, has been regarded as a revolutionary technology platform, which can be used in a wide range of areas, such as biomedicals, synthesis and screening of new drugs, as well as food and commodity inspection, environmental monitoring, forensic science, military science and space science.
In recent years, microfluidic chip has made breakthrough progress, causing great concern in the medical community. There has emerged a number of key technologies which are largely irreplaceable, and gradually formed a wide coverage in the field of medicine and pharmacy application, such as the recently developed organs chip, microfluidic droplets chip. If the microfluidic chip is combined with biological cell phone and Internet, then such issue might trigger a new trend in industry advance. 
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