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Treat or Prevent Cancer?

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In recent days, a published article has raised increasing attention in public: the reason why the pharmaceutical industry does not want to develop cancer prevention drugs but is willing to discover a cure for cancer. Why preventing cancer is not the priority in drug development? Maybe nobody knows the answer. 
In fact, prolonging the drug for several months is more profitable than discovering new drugs for cancer prevention. The main reason is that the clinical development for drug treatment is shorter so the remaining patent time is longer, as well as the profitable period. Actually, the possibility to see efficacy in severer diseases is larger. In current years, there are more than 12,000 advanced cancer clinical trials, but the death rate is up to 90%. Therefore, some policies are made to encourage pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for prevention, such as allowing the use of surrogate marker, extending the market exclusive period, and so on. 
Clearly, previous reports about modern drug design seem to be reasonable, but not entirely true. One reason of mass advanced clinical trials in cancer treatment is because of the ethical consideration. New cancer drugs can only start from the end of the line. The lack of cancer prevention development is mainly due to certain technical limitations. Cancer is a disease of gene mutation, whose genetic structure is very complicated. For example, in a relatively rare case, CML is a kind of single disease. Now, in addition to certain gene variation (such as BRCA) and bad habits (such as smoking), researchers cannot predict whether the biological abnormalities are connected with the occurrence of cancer. 
Also, starting the preventive treatment for those patients at high risk of intervention is not based on the solid research foundation as well. Preventive medicine has other unique advantages in terms of modern economic trend. Although the therapeutic drugs may benefit business more than that of normal drugs, the prophylactic use of drugs is still very important for it has been used widely. Taking peptide drugs as the example, they can be utilized in new drug designs for driving effective scientific research. Historical most successful drug is prophylactic statin, which is used for the treatment of heart disease but not for preventing heart disease. 
In brief, tumor is also a malignant disease so that it’s necessary to find more high-quality treatment methods. Patents, of course, could be a big problem, but the problem is associated with scientific and technological progresses. In fact, healthy lifestyle, especially for smoking cessation and weight loss, can be of great help in cancer prevention. 
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