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Do You Know Amino Acids?

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 Most people are familiar with the concept of amino acids: they are biologically important organic compounds containing amine andcarboxylic acid functional groups, usually along with a side-chain specific to each amino acid. Obviously, the concept has displayed amino acids’ practical functions as well. But, do you know amino acids?
I mean some people might feel confused about the definition of amino acids because they know little about chemical substances, based on their own knowledge. Do you know the nonessential amino acids are markedly reducing in recent years? Do you know many amino acids can be made by adding different chemical groups to a certain basic amino acid structure? You might know amino acid foods, but there are always something special you prefer to know about the mysterious amino acids. The details are as followed.
To be more general, amino acids make up 75% of the human body. Amino acids are essential to nearly every bodily function, and every chemical reaction that takes place in the body depends on them and the proteins that they build. Taking Creative Peptides as an example, the amino acids there can perform several critical functions for people such as Boc-L-Alanine N-hydroxysuccinimde ester and Boc-L-Alanine N-carboxyanhydride, as well as some other necessary substances, (reference). Actually, the essential amino acids should be ingested every day because only in this way can they be helpful in protein degradation. In addition, it’s common to know that amino acids can be found in a wide range of places, especially in the natural environment. 
Specifically, nowadays, more than three hundred amino acids have been found in the natural world, from different sources as microorganisms and meteorites. The key elements of an amino acid are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, while other elements are found in the side-chains of certain amino acids as well. Amino acids might be helpful in a wide range of areas. For example, they can help people’s normal sleep, reduce daily anxiety, produce a stronger immune system, and some other practical and beneficial functions. Certainly, except for some basic functions, amino acids also perform a crucial role in the process of biosynthesis. Given the fact, more researchers have focused on the modern advance of amino acids since a long time ago and they have made some potential achievements.
More briefly, the field of amino acids have been a critically important area of research for years, and remained one of the great unsolved mysteries as well. Therefore, increasing researchers are trying to make useful progresses in such field. Anyway, the progress is being made every day.
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