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Anti-idiotypic Antibody

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As is known, nowadays antibody has played an important role in people’s life, such as antibody sequencing, llama antibody, and so on. Recently, anti-idiotypic antibody has raised increasing attention because of its practical functions in promoting the development of new vaccines. However, people in different positions hold varying ideas about the special issue. As for me, it is helpful in the advance of new vaccines.
Generally speaking, anti-idiotypic antibody is always regarded as the antibody that against the antigen binding site of another antibody. It can be used to mimic the structure of those original antigens. In addition, it can also serve as surrogate for tumor-associated antigens in vaccination strategies. In fact, there are two types for its detailed definition. In addition, there is a unique site for a unique type of specific antibody, which can help simulate the effects of antigenic structure and function, promoting the development of a new vaccine. To be specific, an idiotype is a shared characteristic between a group of immunoglobulin or T cell receptor (TCR) molecules, which is based upon the antigen binding specificity. The word “idio” means “private and distinctive” while “typos” means “mark”, so the two words are combined to become the word “idiotype”, which has described the distinctive sequence among different types in varing regions.
To be honest, anti-idiotypic antibody can be considered as a unique set of antigenic determinants on the variable region of an antibody and the idiotype represents the particular part of an antibody such as its binding site. Actually, when one antibody binds to one idiotope of another antibody, it can be referred to as an anti-idiotypic antibody. Nowadays, more and more biotechnology companies have stressed the issue. Taking Creative Biolabs as an example, it can provide researchers with unparalleled anti-idiotypic antibody and downstream assay services, trying to help promote the development of new vaccines in clinical applications, as well as the monoclonal antibody drugs. In addition, it has been helpful in developing highly specific antibodies to support the applications of anti-idiotypic antibody in new vaccines as well. 
Given the details discussed above, anti-idiotypic antibody has improved the research process of new vaccines to a large degree. However, even if it is mainly determined by gene rearrangement and junctional diversity, there are still some other crucial elements for such particular substance. In this way, in terms of the importance of anti-idiotypic antibody in clinical applications, more efforts should be done to promote the development of new vaccines, aiming at improving people’s life in the future. 
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