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Bizarre problem with PCR

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For several months I have had erratic results with PCR, either it works fine or there is no product at all. About 6 weeks ago, I completely stopped getting products (ie. bands on gel). After changing all the PCR components, template, trying a different PCR machine, polymerase, etc, nothing helps. There are other people in this lab using the same pipetters and tips (dedicated to PCR only), polymerase and PCR machine and their PCR is working fine. One colleague made aliquots of her own PCR components (buffer, dNTPs, primers, template) that worked for her but they didn't work for me. I asked another colleague to run a PCR reaction using my components and her own in tandem and both worked. On 2 separate occasions, colleagues have watched me set up the PCR reaction and find nothing wrong. I have worked in labs for over 20 years and my techniques are excellent. Something appears to be inhibiting the PCR reaction. On the gels, the DNA ladder is clear, and you can see the template bands very faintly. I am not adding too much or too little template. I have been following the exact protocol that the others have used.
Has anybody any idea what could be causing this? This situation is getting more and more stressful.
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