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Company introduction
 Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech  is a private, technology-based company, located in Hangzhou, China. We dedicate to provide full services to those worldwide pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech companies. We mainly specialize in the process development and manufacturing PEPTIDE , which is with the highest quality available for all research applications ; Besides, we also provide cosmetic peptides and custom peptide synthesis, HPLC purification and bio-test services.
Part of the main generic peptide are as listed:
   Eptifibatide Acetate
   Leuprorelin Acetate
   Exenatide Acetate
   Salmon calcitonin
   Octreotide Acetate
   Pramlintide Acetate
   Liraglutide Acetate
   Oxytocin Acetate
   Terlipressin Acetate
   Triptorelin Acetate
   Argreline Acetate(for cosmetics)
   Alarelin Acetate
   Thymosin a1
  &nb... [Details]
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