galanin prepropeptide (GAL)

Name: GAL
Description: galanin prepropeptide
Orgname: Homo sapiens
Status: 0
CurrentID: 0
Chromosome: 11
GeneticSource: genomic
MapLocation: 11q13.3
OtherAliases: GALN, GLNN, GMAP, MGC40167
OtherDesignations: galanin|galanin-message-associated peptide|galanin-related peptide
NomenclatureSymbol: GAL
NomenclatureName: galanin prepropeptide
NomenclatureStatus: Official
TaxID: 9606
GeneWeight: 19407
Summary: Galanin is small neuropeptide that functions as a cellular messenger within the central and peripheral nervous systems, modulating diverse physiologic functions (Mechenthaler, 2008 [PubMed 18500643]).[supplied by OMIM]
ChrSort: 11
ChrStart: 68451982

UniProtein db: GAL UniProt protein knowledge database
Ensembl db: GAL Ensembl genome database

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