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Help protein localization
Posted by: lethe (IP Hidden, New member, 0)
Date: July 7, 2002 05:54AM

I'm a Ph d sudent and I'm working for an ipotetical mitochondrial or
peroxisome carrier protein (human) (maybe Aprille's carrier) and I just
work with my protein fused with GFP, but I dont'have any evidence of
mitochondrial localization for my protein (i used CHO cell). So, the best
software for alignment give an high omology with Ca2+ binding solute carrier
protein of rabbit.....but other softwares say that my protein is
cytosolic(Prosite, ecc) . I study in vitro (ricostituited into
proteoliposome) the transport of my protein cloned and overexpressed in
Does anyone help me, such as say me the best software for subcellular
loclization ....ecc.


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Re: Help protein localization
Posted by: mitolab (IP Hidden, Unregistered user, )
Date: December 19, 2004 05:51PM

PSORTb v2.0 is available from [www.psort.org]

There are many other tools online or as a stand alone programe that you can use to predict the subcellular localization of protein based mainly on their primary sequence. Since you fused your protein with GFP, will it change the structure of your complex and thus hide your mitochondria localization signal fragment?


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