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Company introduction

EIAab devoted to the research and development in life sciences field, and possess the core technique, such as genetic recombination, immunochromatography, hyridoma, labeling technique, et. al. mainly offers the USCNLIFE ELISA Kits & EIAab antibody & Cellstrain cells and other life science lab instruments and life science reagents covering a full range of products.

EIAab is entitled to the qualification of its own imports and exports. All the preparation, assembly and manufacture of the products strictly conforms to the standard of USCNLIFE . Our company are making great efforts to independent innovation in order to reduce the production costs and gradually cut down material import, further reducing the the expense on the science reagents from universities and research centers of life science.

Company profile
Company name: WuHan EIAab Science Co Ltd Company type: Enterprise (Manufacturer,Trader)
Location: China Company size:
Capital value: 0 Registration year: 2009
Main Business: ELISA Kits and EIAab antibody
Major business:
Biotechnology Life Science / Antibodies Biotechnology Life Science / Cell Lines Academic Research / Research Institute
Company Address: A1710 Guangguguoji,East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone,Wuhan 430079,China
Company Tel:
Company URL:
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