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DNA southern blot hybridization

DNA southern blot hybridization

Southern blot hybridization is one of the most commonly used molecular biology techniques to detect Specific DNA sequences using labeled probes.

The DNA southern blot hybridizatin is illustrated bellow:

General DNA southern blot procedures:

1) Extract genomic DNA (or purified double-stranded DNA) from source organism. Digest DNA with a chosen restriction enzyme that can give a specific digestion pattern for further analysis. Run agarose electrophoresis to separate the fragments of digested DNA.

2) Transfer DNA onto membrane (nylone, nitrocellular membranes).

3) Hybridize the membrane with labeled probe (single stranded DNA with sequence complementary to the target DNA). The commonly used probes include oligonucleotide probe, cDNA probe.

4) Wash membrane to remove non-specific binding, develop x-film to reveal the specific hybridization signals.

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