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EMD Chemicals

Main business: EMD Biosciences offers a wide range of life science research products, including antibodies, biochemicals, inhibitors, and peptide synthesis reagents, from the Calbiochem® and Novagen® brands.
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Bio-Synthesis, Inc.

Main business: Custom peptide synthesis, antibodies, oligos, microarray, analytical services
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Main business: gene synthesis, PCR, western, Elisa, peptide, protein
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HELINI Biomolecules

Main business: DNA/RNA Purification kits, Educational Teaching kits, Electrophoresis instruments
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Main business: Antibody sequencing, modification, engineering
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Main business: Custom Gene Synthesis, Custom Peptide Synthesis, Custom Antibody Production, Custom Protein Expression, Bioreagents, Biochemicals, ELISA kits
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Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Main business: pharmaceutical peptides, Custom peptide synthesis, research peptide
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