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Cleavage mutation detection (2)

Conformation Sensitive Gel Electrophoresis (CSGE) (1)

DGGE denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (4)

Heteroduplex analysis (2)

Oligonucleotide ligation assay (OLA) (2)

PCR amplification of specific alleles (PASA) (1)

Protein Truncation Test (PTT) (1)

SSCP Single-strand conformation polymorphism (4)

More Genetic Screening protocols

Molecular Cloning of Genes Defined by Mutations
(Molecular Cell Biology)
8. Genetic Analysis in Cell Biology

Synonymous (silent), nonsense, missense mutations
(Human Molecular Genetics 2)
9. Instability of the human genome: mutation and DNA repair 9.2. Simple mutations

I want to download the genescan or genetype software?
(Bioinformatics forum)
software packages available for genescan files

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