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Microsatellite analysis (3)

Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Technique (3)

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism SNP analysis (6)

Microsatilite protocol by Travis C. Glenn et al. protocol
A step by step protocol that used in the 5-week summer class, Biology 656, at the University of South Carolina. ...

Microsatellite markers: isolation with non-radioactive probes and amplification protocol
Arnaud Estoup and Julie Turgeon The main goal of this technical document (63 pages) is to provide geneticians and ecologists with a reliable method for the isolation of microsatellites and the determination of basic conditions necessary to routinely use the ...

Microsatellite Enrichment in Organisms with Large Genomes protocol
Dirk Fischer and Konrad Bachmann,1998. Microsatellite Enrichment in Organisms with Large Genomes (Allium cepa L.). BioTechniques,Vol. 24(5) : 796-802. Microsatellite markers, also referred to as STMS (SequenceTagged Microsatellite Sites) or STR (Short T ...

ALFRED: The ALlele FREquency Database database
ALFRED now has 1051 polymorphisms, 391 populations and 22875 frequency tables (one population typed for one site). (Kenneth K Kidd, Yale University) ...

More genotyping protocols

Phenotyping books
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phenotyping books

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