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More gene cloning protocols

Books on recombinant DNA techniques
(Biowww bookshelf)
DNA recombination books

Molecular Cloning
(Page 428 of Molecular Genetics by Ulrich Melcher)
Techniques for accomplishing DNA manipulations for a variety of purposes are included in the term molecular cloning

Figure. Relative positions of different DNA forms of plasmid on agarose gel
(Donis-keller lab manual)
Uncut plasmid DNA can be in any of five forms - nicked circular linear covalently closed supercoiled or circular single-stranded

ligation problems
problems with cloning ligation

Difficulties in cloning long PCR product
Long PCR products cloning problem discussion

strange results when cloning long PCR fragment
Long PCR products cloning

Cell synchronization
(cell biology forum)
protocol to synchronize tumor cells in cell culture

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