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A Method for Analyzing the Ubiquitination and Degradation new protocol
A technical article on method for analyzing the ubiquitination and degradation from Biological Procedures Online. Biol. Proced. Online 2002;4:62-69 A Method for Analyzing the Ubiquitination and Degradation of Aurora-A Andrea Klotzbucher, Gaetan Pascr ...

Protein-Protein Interactions review
These pages have been contributed by Cosmin Saveanu (Institut Pasteur, France) ...

DNA-binding protein troubleshooting
I have a novel protein which is localized to the cell nucleus. I would like to see if it binds any DNA or RNA. The DNA mobility shift assay or the yeast 1-hybrid assay is meant to look for a protein that binds to a particular DNA seq. It is not ... .. ...

Information hyperlinked over proteins new recommended database
A publicly accessible server for protein-protein interaction annotation. The full text reference can be downloaded from iHOP site. Reference: A gene networ ...

More protein interaction protocols

Protein interaction methods books
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Protein-DNA and protein-protein interaction method

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