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Protein phosphorylation protocols new recommended protocol
Protocols for studying protein phosphorylation. Protocols are provided by Invitrogen as the free online version of current protocols in immunology. * Preparation and Analysis of Phosphorylated Proteins * Immune-Complex Assays for Tyrosine Prote ...

Phosphoamino acid analysis Mark Kamps method new protocol
This is a 32P labeling 2D PAGE gel analysis method from Bart's Cookbook. (Sefton Lab, Salk institute) ...

Phosphoamino acid analysis of non-TCA precipitable proteins protocol
A short protocol for phosphoamino acid analysis of non-TCA precipitable proteins. ( Jim Woodgett lab, Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital) ...

A systematic approach to the analysis of protein phosphorylation new recommended review
A free pdf technique paper published on Nature Biotechnol 2001 issue 19. Nat Biotechnol. 2001 Apr;19(4):375-8. A systematic approach to the analysis of protein phosphorylation. Zhou H, Watts JD, Aebersold R. Abstract: Reversible protein pho ...

Protein phosphorylation detection by mass spectrometry review
A brief overview of protein phosphorylation detection by mass spectrometry. (W.M. Keck Facility, Yale University) In most instances our general approach to identifying sites of protein phosphorylation begins with an in gel trypsin digest of the Coomassie Bl ...

The Protein Kinase Resource new recommended site
The Protein Kinase Resource (PKR) aims to become a web accessible compendium of information on the protein kinase family of enzymes. This resource will include tools for structural and computational analyses as well as links to related information maintained b ...

Glycosylation troubleshooting
A question regarding glycosylation of proteins and how that looks in a western. I have two different antibodies raised against the same protein. When I use these on a western, in one case I get a tight band while (antiboby 1) and in the other I get a ...

More protein phosphorylation protocols

Protein phosphorylation research books
(Biowww bookshelf)
protein phosphorylation modification study

Phosphatase cleaving problems
CIAP Phosphatase treatment dephosphorylate protein

gel separation of phospho and dephosphoprotein
Protein phosphorylation separation and detection

in vivo ubiquitination assay
transfect cells with the plasmids expressing my interested protein and HA-ub

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