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DNase I footprinting assay (5)

EMSA gel shift assay (3)

Mapping protien/DNA interaction by cross-linking protocol
A free access full-text book from NCBI. Mapping protien/DNA interaction by cross-linking Table of Content Dissecting Fission Yeast Centromeres ...

DNaseI footprinting protocol
DNaseI footprinting protocol from Breeden's lab. ...

EMSA protocol (HAMMER LAB) protocol
HAMMER LAB EMSA protocol. ...

EMSA protocol protocol
Protocol from Jonathan Flint. The EMSA, or Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay, is a method for studying DNA-protein interactions in vitro. DNA-protein complexes will migrate more slowly than unbound radioactive probe and are thus visualised by discrete ba ...

ChIP-on-chip new protocol
Collections of protocols used in ChIP-on-chip experiment. ChIP-on-chip is a genome-wide location analysis to identify protein-binding site, including promoters, enhancers, and other regulatory elements. (Keith Ching at UCSD) ...

An improved method for southwestern blotting protocol
An open accessible technical article on protein-DNA interaction study using southwestern blotting. (PDF file) Front Biosci. 1997 May 15;2:c9-11. An improved method for Southwestern blotting. Handen JS, Rosenberg HF. Abstract: We have de ...

Introduction on DNA-protein interaction review
The characterization of the protein-DNA interactions usually requires three levels of analysis: Genetic, biochemical and physical. This page is maintained by Martin E. Mulligan at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. ...

More dna-protein interaction protocols

Protein interaction methods books
(Biowww Bookshelf)
Protein-DNA and protein-protein interaction method

Figure. Protein-binding regions in a DNA molecule can be identified by gel retardation assays
(Human Molecular Genetics 2)
20. Studying human gene structure, expression and function using cultured cells and cell extracts 20.3. Identifying regulatory sequences through the use of reporter genes and DNA-protein interactions

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