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Baculovirus expression system (10)

E.coli expression system (11)

More protein expression protocols

Production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells.
(Curr Protoc Protein Sci. 2001 May;Chapter 5:Unit5.10.)
Chen S, Gray D, Ma J, Subramanian S.
Chiron Corporation, Emeryville, California, USA.

The best strategy for consistent production of larger quantities of pure protein is stable expression. Popular hosts for stable expression are Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, baby hamster kidney (BHK-21) cells, myeloma cells, and the transformed kidney cell line 293. Protocols for stable production in CHO cells are described in this unit. Typical methods for transfection using commercially available plasmid expression vectors are described, along with methods to select for stable expression and methods for amplifying the expression level in the transfected cell. Following this, procedures are presented for efficient cell growth to obtain significant amounts of protein product. Support protocols describe freezing of cells, determination of growth rates, determination of specific productivity of cells, preparing samples for assay, and setting up a 10-day shaker-flask growth curve.

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Protein expression technique books
(Biowww bookshelf)
Protein expression technique books

Protein purification technique books
(Biowww bookshelf)
Benchtop books on protein purification.

Plasmid Expression Vectors Carrying the T7 Late Promoter
(Molecular Cell Biology)
7. Recombinant DNA and Genomics

Engineered Protein Expression
(Cancer Medicine)
Part II Scientific Foundation, Section 1: Cancer Biology 2. Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Proteomics

Protein expression in e.coli problem
Suggestion of codon optimization

protein purification and antimicrobial assay
problem elution and purification of proteins

protein precipitation after IMAC
35kDa protein with His-tag N-terminal precipitation

protein concentration
Protein concentration measurement

HisTag Protein purification WITHOUT imidazol
purify a his-tag protein

Endogenous protein and overexpressed protein detection
Troubleshooting undetectable endogenous protein

protein elution from gel
elute proteins from electrophoretic gel either SDS-PAGE or native

Myofibrillar extraction from mouse heart
protocol for the extraction of myofibrillar proteins from atria and ventricles of mouse heart

Protein overexpression with IPTG
problem to get a kinase domain overexpressed with 0,5 mM IPTG for 2h at 37 C in supernatant.

GST purification probelms
GST fusion protein expression and purification troubleshooting

problem in cleavage of fusion protein
cleavage of maltose-binding protein

Purification of enzymatically active protein from PAGE
purify the digested product of His-tagged fusion proteins pET System

Protein solubility
E.coli expression protein solubility problem

Protein refolding problems
refold a purified cysteine protease via dialyis of 6M urea

How to make the soluble protein from the insoluble protein
how to purify the soluble protein from the insoluble protein

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