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Immunology methods archive new protocol
Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group Archive Immunology Methods. Content: Advanced Flow Method - 10/04/04 Pediatric Advanced Flow Rationale Advanced Flow Panel Template  Antibody ELISA a. Tetanus ELISA - 11-02-99 b. Hep A (Future) Ap ...

BloodLine online hematology resources recommended site
BloodLine was launched in December of 1995 at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting. Initially, it was a reference site containing links to important hematology sites and resources on the Internet. In 1996 and 1997 the focus was placed on original ...

Microbiology and Immunology Online new site
This is an online book on microbiology and immunology (University of South Carolina). Chaptors are available in powerpoint and pdf format. Most of chaptors are no longer password protected. ...

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Methods and protocols on immunology

Detection of immunity in vivo
Appendix I. Immunologists' Toolbox

Immunological Constants (Cellular and Humoral components)
Appendix V. Immunological Constants

Table. Cytokines and their receptors
Appendix III. Cytokines and Their Receptors

Table. List of CD antigens
Appendix II. CD Antigens

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