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Cell counting using a hemacytometer protocol
A detailed procedure on how to count cells using hemacytometer. (3 pages of PDF file, from Marimoto lab at Northwestern University). ...

Protocol for Cleaning and Calibrating Incubator protocol
A PDF Protocol for Cleaning and Calibrating Incubator from Meyer lab at Stanford University. ...

Home-made Low Oxygen Tissue Culture Chambers protocol
Shay/Wright Lab Low Oxygen Tissue Culture Chambers. (PDF file) Cheap, provides an easy way to devote part of an incubator to low oxygen conditions. Modular, meaning there is no cross-contamination between culture infections in the incubator, and if the CO2 ...

General cell culture protocol new protocol
Cell culture protocol introduction: 1. Initiate cell culture from frozen cells: - Warm up appropriate cell culture media for the cell line in 37c waterbath for at least 30 min. - Take screw-cap vial containing cells in frozen medium from nitrogen tank and ...

Coverslip preparations for cell culture new protocol
Protocol for preparation of coverslips for better cell adhesion during cell culture. This coverslip cleaning and coating protocol includes: 1. Preparing Acid Washed Glass Cover slips 2. Preparation of Squeaky-Clean Coverslips 3. Preparation of poly-lysi ...

General guidance on tissue cell culture new review
An excellent guidance on tissue cell culture from Marimoto lab at Northwestern University. (7 pages of PDF file) ...

Hydrogel cell culture new review
Hydrogel is the three-dimensional synthetic gels that can be used in cell culture to mimic the extracellular matrix for cell interactions studies. Bioengineers are moving steady forward in recapitulating endogenouse factors in tissue to make hydrogels with ch ...

DSMZ German Collections of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures software
Catalogues: Microorganisms Plant Cell Lines Plant Viruses Human and Animal Cell Lines ...

More cell culture protocols

Basic techniques in mammalian cell tissue culture.
(Curr Protoc Cell Biol. 2007 Sep;Chapter 1:Unit 1.1)
Phelan MC.
Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network, Maryville, Tennessee, USA.

Cultured mammalian cells are used extensively in cell biology studies. It requires a number of special skills in order to be able to preserve the structure, function, behavior, and biology of the cells in culture. This unit describes the basic skills required to maintain and preserve cell cultures: maintaining aseptic technique, preparing media with the appropriate characteristics, passaging, freezing and storage, recovering frozen stocks, and counting viable cells.

(Selected reviews on cell culture techniques)
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Books on cell and tissue culture methods
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Cell and tissue culture techniques

Figure. Stages in the establishment of a cell culture
(Molecular Cell Biology)
6. Manipulating Cells and Viruses in Culture 6.2. Growth of Animal Cells in Culture

Table. Composition of a Typical Medium Suitable for the Cultivation of Mammalian Cells
(Molecular Biology of the Cell )
III. Methods 8. Manipulating Proteins, DNA, and RNA Isolating Cells and Growing Them in Culture

Table. Some Commonly Used Cell Lines
(Molecular Biology of the Cell )
III. Methods 8. Manipulating Proteins, DNA, and RNA Isolating Cells and Growing Them in Culture

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Cell culture contamination
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