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Enrichment of PBMCs with monocytes protocol
This protocol is used in our lab to reduce the costs of the cell sorting with MACS reagents. The cell suspension obtained after this protocol contains 40-70% monocytes. This cell suspension is than used for positive or negative MACS separation. (Dr.A.Gratchev, ...

Protocol for peritoneal macrophage preparation protocol
This modification of peritoneal macrophage preparation is designed for a subsequent thrombophagocytosis test. (Lab research in immunology, University Leuven, Belgium). ...

Protocol for Macrophage Depletion by Clodronate protocol
Macrophage Depletion by Clodronate Protocol from Lab research in immunology at University of Louvain. Clodronate (dichloromethylene diphosphonate) is used for treatment of osteolytic diseases and osteoporosis Its effect is due to inhibittion of the functio ...

More macrophages protocols

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