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Development of a Low-Cost, Colorometric Protein Array Systemto Measure Human Autoimmune Disease Markers protocol
A free accessible original paper on protein array preparation. Abstract: A sensitive low-cost method for producing and visualizing protein microarrays was developed. This method utilizes a protein-specific microarray substrate that immobilizes pro ...

Example protocol for protein array protocol
A brief pdf protocol on protein array preparation. (Full moon biosystems) ...

BioPlex Training Overview new protocol
A general guidance on Bio-plex multiplex protein assay including reagent, steps and troubleshooting. (Lauffenburger lab, MIT) ...

Bio-plex cytokine assay manual protocol
Bio-plex assay for human cytokine detection manual from Bio-Rad. ...

Multiplex protein expression assay review new review
An review from nature reviews on multiplex protein expression assay. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 5, 310-321 (April 2006) | doi:10.1038/nrd2006 Multiplexed protein measurement: technologies and applications of protein and antibody arrays Stephen F. Kin ...

Protein Microarrays: From Glass to Paper new recommended site
Instructions for protein microarray. The primary goal was to provide a comprehensive tutorial for someone who has never done protein microarray experiments. The protocol is available for download in pdf and word format. (Brian A. Kidd, Stanford University) ...

Protein Arrays Resource Page new site
An overview of protein arrays technology and introduction of related resources. It includes review, literature, meetings and companies. (Functional genomics org, UK) ...

Tutorial on Protein Microarrays on Nitrocellulose Slides new troubleshooting
A tutorial on protein array including Optimization of Protein Array Paramaters, Minimizing Carry-Over Contamination, Scanning of Protein Arrays. (Steven Suchyta, Ph.D., U.S. applications specialist at Genomic Solutions) ...

More protein array protocols

Protein microarrays.
(Curr Protoc Protein Sci. 2005 Mar;Chapter 23:Unit 23.5.)
Kramer S, Joos TO, Templin MF.
NMI-Natural and Medical Science Institute at the University of Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany.

With the introduction of DNA microarrays as novel analytical tools, the determination of thousands of binding events in one reaction became possible. The developed technology platforms are not limited to nucleic acids, and, in principle, every ligand-binding assay that works on solid phase can be miniaturized and brought into an array format. This unit explains how protein microarrays can be generated using equipment originally designed for DNA microarrays and how multiplexed assays for the quantification of proteins are set up. A protocol that describes a parallelized system for detecting autoantibodies in human serum is included as an example, and it is shown how existing sandwich immunoassays can be miniaturized and performed in array format. The unit also provides some theoretical background and commentary on the problems associated with this still-novel technology.

Protein array related books
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Protein arrays and biochips

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