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Lab rat mouse blood collection (2)

Tissue organ transplantation (2)

Blood collection and administration of fluids and drugs (mouse) new protocol
Content: Administration of Fluids and Drugs (Overview): Gastro-Intestinal Tract: Oral or per os (po)- - through the mouth Gavage - - into the stomach via a feeding needle Parenteral Administration: General Considerations: Intravenous (iv) di ...

Euthanasia Methods for Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Other Rodents protocol
Content: Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia by use of general anesthesia Physical Methods of Euthanasia Cervical Dislocation Decapitation Barbiturates Table of barbiturate euthanizing doses Table of euthanizing methods (all species) (University o ...

Animal Fluid and Drug Administration review
Gastro-intestinal Tract: Oral or per os (PO) - through the mouth Gavage - into the stomach via tube Parenteral: Intravenous (IV) - directly in the vascular system through a vein Intraperitoneal (IP) - injected into the abdominal cavity Subcutan ...

Euthanasia Guidelines review
Animals are normally euthanized at the end of a study for the purpose of sample collection or post-mortem examination. Animals may be euthanized because they are experiencing pain or distress. Euthanasia is defined as a pain-free or stress-free death. The I ...

More small animal surgery protocols

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