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Whole mount staining (2)

More immunohistochemistry protocols

General Immunohistochemistry Protocol
(Sharma Laboratory at University of Chicago.)
A general IHC staining protocol.

Preparation and Staining of Frozen Tissue Sections
(Pharmingen immunohistochemical staining protocols)
I. Preparation of Frozen Sections for Sectioning. II. Sectioning of Frozen Tissue. III. Standard Immonuhistochemical Staining Procedure for Frozen Sections

Antibody Search Database
(Antibody search engine for all commercially available antibodies from over 300 antibody vendors.)

immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry methods books
(Biowww Bookshelf)
Technical books on IHC study

Glataraldehyde for cell fixation
about fixation of the cells with glutaraldehyde

DAPI staining before secondary antibody
DAPI staining problem

in situ hybridization: all turn blue!!
whole mount in situ hybridization problem

double labeling
two different antibodies both polyclonal goat IgG

monoclonal GFAP immunostaining
nonspecific binding of secondary antibody

blocking endogenous biotin
stain PFA-fixed HeLa/Caco cells with a biotinylated primary Ab and detecting with Streptavidin-FITC

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