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More molecular biology methods protocols

Free magazine: Nature methods
(Nature methods)
Complimentary subscriptions to Nature Methods are available in North America and Europe and are provided to individuals involved in research within the life sciences or chemistry. Subscriptions are subject to the publisher’s acceptance.

Free magazine: BioTechniques
BioTechniques® has provided the international community of life science researchers free access to peer-reviewed research articles on a monthly basis.

Free magazine: BioPharm International
(BioPharm International)
BioPharm International provides a forum for its readers to exchange practical, hands-on information for developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products through biotechnology; and serves as a supportive, authoritative voice in the evolving business, regulatory, scientific, and technical areas of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Free magazine: Bio-ITworld
The convergence of information technology and the life sciences has created a new professional community and discipline -Bio-IT - with unique information needs

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