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Staining Nucleic Acids with Propidium Iodide new protocol
Propidium iodide (Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR) is a membrane-impermeant dye that stains by intercalating into nucleic acid molecules. It binds both DNA and RNA. (David K. Hanzel and Siobhan C. Pickett, Molecular Dynamics) Staining Nucleic Acids with Pr ...

Protocol: DIG Glycan Differentiation Kit from Roche protocol
Protocol: DIG Glycan Differentiation Kit from Roche. ...

DNA RNA Protein Tri isolation method (MRC) protocol
Tri isolation of DNA RNA and Protein by Tri reagents from MRC. Detailed protocol and troubleshooting guide included. ...

Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (SCGE) Comet Assay new review
An introduction and protocol on SCGE single cell gel electrophoresis comet assay by Tobie D. Wolfe. (PPT file) SCGE can be used to: - Detect and quantitate DNA damage - Identify apoptotic cells quickly and easily - Follow DNA repair ...

method of choice to identify DNA bending, kinking or any other deformation? troubleshooting
I have a DNA binding protein(mw 6100), presumed to be a dimer and not to need any cofactors. It suppresses the replication of a certain gene by binding to its binding sequence overlaped by the promoter site of the gene. Its binding DNA sequence is much highly ...

gDNA isolation from mouse lymphocytes troubleshooting
The goal is to somehow not detect IP Ab on westerns: Situation/example: As a control experiment to detect efficiency of immunoprecipitation of one component in a complex: Antigen-Rabbit Primary Ab -IP'd By ProteinA/G ... ... ...

Whats going on with phenol? troubleshooting
Recently the mini-preps I've done using alkaline lysis and phenol extraction have been giving extremely high OD's, making them look brilliant, until I check by restriction digest and agarose gel, to find there's very little plasmid DNA actually in the ...

EtOH ppt of DNA, whats wrong with this strategy? troubleshooting
There's got to be a reason for adding NaOAc to the aqueous DNA solution BEFORE adding the EtOH. Is this an absolute necessity? I'm doing >1000X precipitations/day of PCR products in 96 well plates, ... ... ...

Separation of specific DNA fragment troubleshooting
What I wish to do is to look at the repertoire of mutations in a specific gene in a population of cells. So ideally I would like to isolate the same DNA fragment from each cell and sequence it. Obviously PCR on the population of cells won't work ...

DNA agarose gel electrophoresis troubleshooting
If you see faint or no bands on the gel: There was insufficient quantity or concentration of DNA loaded on the gel. Increase the amount of DNA, but don't exceed 50 ng/band. The DNA was degraded. Avoid nuclease contamination. The DNA was electrop ...

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