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Bacterial plasmid bacterial phages vectors (17)

Chromatin immunoprecipitation ChIP assay (10)

Cloning library construction and screening (47)

DNA analysis techniques (70)

DNA microarray gene array (42)

DNA-protein interactions (15)

Enzymatic treatment of DNA/RNA (18)

Gene targeting (25)

miRNA microRNA (12)

PCR (76)

Peptide nucleic acid PNA and morpholino (6)

Recombinant virus and gene therapy (13)

RNA transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation (51)

RNAi siRNA gene silencing (47)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast protocol (8)

Site-directed mutagenesis (11)

Telomere and telomerase assay (9)

Transfection and transduction (28)

Starter Protocol Book in Basic Molecular Biology recommended protocol
A 24 page free molecular biology protocol book from PradeLab at Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Oklahoma State University. It includes methods and reagents for a molecular biology lab. The book can be downloaded as pdf file.(Prade Lab, Oklah ...

Molecular biology laboratory techniques protocol
Commonly used molecular biology techniques including: - Characterization of Mutants - Plasmid Rescue Overview - Chromosomal DNA - Preparation of Competent Cells - Digestion and Ligation - Transformation - Plasmid DNA Preparation - RNA Preparation - ...

Biology protocols protocol
List of molecular and cell biology protocols: (from bioprotocol) Arabidopsis C. elegans Cell Biology Chromatin Drosophila Ethanol In Focus Protocols Laboratory Methods Molecular Biology: Working with DNA Molecular Biology: Working with Proteins Mo ...

Chamberlin Lab Protocol Guide protocol
A collection of lab protocols and general lab practice guide on molecular biology from Chamberlin lab at Ohio state University. Content: General Lab Procedures Autoclaving .. 4 Disposal Disposal of Burn Boxes .. 4 DNA Strider 4 Getting Reagents ...

Personal Protection and Laboratory Protocol protocol
This is a biosafety protocol for Academic Chemistry Laboratories. (Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Contents: Eye protection Clothing Gloves Personal Hygiene Cleaning glassware Transporting chemicals Fume ...

Patricia L. Clark Research Lab Protocols protocol
Protocols used in Patricia Clark lab in Microbiology & Molecular Biology, Protein Purification, Gel Electrophoresis, Immunoassays, Spectroscopy, Images/Figures and Miscellaneous. ...

Beginning Molecular Biology Laboratory Manual new review
A beginner's guid on working in molecular biology laboratory. Content: CHAPTER 1: General Laboratory Methods Safety Procedures Preparation of Solutions Disposal of Buffers and Chemicals Equipment Micropipets Using a pH meter Autoclav ...

Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual top rated review
Designed to be used in tandem with the Web site, this three-volume set provides complete descriptions of 250 laboratory protocols in DNA science--35 percent of which were created especially for this edition. ...

Molecular Biology Techniques Manual (online 3rd ed) top rated review
Excerpts from Molecular Biology Techniques Manual (Third Edition) Edited by: Vernon E Coyne, M Diane James, Sharon J Reid and Edward P Rybicki Copyright April 1997, July 1998, May 2000, March 2001, March 2003 Contents: * Sodium Dodecyl Sulp ...

Molecular Biology Protocols iProtocol recommended site
Comprehensive collection of life science research protocols from iProtocol library provided by invitrogen. Introduction: Simplify design of your scientific research with FREE, easy access to detailed experimental methods, supporting documentation, and op ...

Molecular biology techniques introduction new top rated recommended site
Lecture notes on most frequently used molecular biology techniques in pdf format. (Dr.Mark F. Wiser) Content: Microscopy Spectrophotometry Fluorescence Radiochemistry pH and Buffers Centrifugation Introduction to Proteins Chromatography M ...

A Users Guide to the Human Genome new recommended site
Nature Genetics presents a special supplement 'A Users Guide to the Human Genome'. The guide is a hands-on manual for browsing and analyzing publicly available sequence data produced by various systematic sequencing efforts. It provides an overview of the type ...

Protocols from Melbourne Signal Transduction Group site
The "Bowtell" Protocols: Molecular Biology Biochemistry Cell Biology The "Faulkner-Jones" protocols In-Situ hybridisation Extraction and Purification of Eurkaryotic RNA Analysis of Eukaryotic RNA The Paul Brennan (ICRF) protoc ...

Molecular Biology Protocols site
NWFSC Fish Health/Microbiology Molecular Biology Protocols (served since 1995). DNA Purification Techniques DNA purification (plasmids, cosmids and p1) using Diatomaceous Earth (Bruce Roe Lab) Introduction Maxi-preps and all media, solutions Midi ...

CPC Molecular Biology Protocols site
This resource attempts to offer a comprehensive collection of molecular biology and Nematode-related protocols. The site links to protocols either maintained directly by the Ambros Lab or at other locations around the world. RNA RNA Preparation and Treatme ...

Tutorial for Molecular Biology Techniques top rated media
Fantastic tutorial on gene expression and gene cloning techniques. This molecular biology tutorial includes interactive animations on transcription, RNA splicing, protein translation and gene cloning techniques. (UCLA) ...

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Molecular biology methods books
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Molecular biology methods and techniques

Table: Molecular biology databases 2005 collection
(Nucleic Acids Research, 2005, Vol. 33, Database issue D5-D24)
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Human Gene Organization (statistics)
(Human Molecular Genetics 2)
7. Organization of the human genome 7.2. Organization and distribution of human genes 7.2. Human gene organization

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