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Thermal spray coatings from A& A Coatings are used by a number of industry leaders for a wide selection of biomedical industry applications. Our coatings are proven to be effective in improving bio-compatibility and wear-resistance as well as providing RFI/EMI shielding for biomedical equipment. Since our inception in 1944, we have been offering custom solutions to biomedical research institutions and biomedical firms with excellent results.

A&A Coatings’ engineers offer a wide range of specialized solutions to biomedical research labs and biomedical device producers. For example, the thermal spraying process is integral in developing top grade medical implant prosthetics. We often apply dense hydroxyapatite spray coatings on implant prosthetics to make these implants compatible for human use. Apart from applying coatings on medical implant prosthetics, we also have many great solutions for the biomedical market:

- EFI/EMI Shielding Coating Solutions
- Coat... [Details]
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